Community Updates

ABN AMRO provides uniforms for Paws for Support

Paws for Support, the therapy and assistance dog charity dedicated to using highly trained dogs to improve people’s lives in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, has received new uniforms for all its trainers funded by private bank, ABN AMRO.

Paws for Support helps to bring happiness into people’s lives by using their dogs as therapeutic and educational aids for children in both primary and secondary schools, and even helped one student return to full time education.

Through their interaction with the dogs the children are learning about empathy and kindness. The dogs also help calm children who may be going through a difficult period in their lives.

Paws for Support also supports the elderly through visits to care homes and some dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities.

Consisting of polo shirts, body warmers and waterproof jackets, the new uniforms are proving very popular with the trainers as they are extremely practical and durable in all weathers. Specific to the trainers’ needs they are one of the larger expenses for the charity.

Sharon Bunce, Vice chairperson and trainer at Paws for Support said: ‘Not only are they extremely comfortable they have also made us more visible within the community. People are more willing to strike up a conversation with us and are keen to find out what we do.’

Assistant Manager in Treasury Control, Donna Allan who sits on the ABN AMRO CSR committee said: ‘We decided to help with the uniforms for Paws for Support because the charity continues to make such an impact on the lives of so many people within the community.’

‘The charity supplied testimonials about the work they had started on the Island including very personal reasons for being involved in training future therapy dogs. The decision to provide them with funding was unanimous among the bank’s committee.’