Multi Manager Mandate

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Designed to give investors the best of both worlds

The Multi Manager Mandate is designed to give investors the best of both worlds – the investment expertise of ABN AMRO allied to the skills and experience of top fund management groups and portfolio managers who are highly regarded in their field of expertise.

How your money is invested

Your portfolio will be built using investments in the most consistent high quality funds managed by leading fund houses to achieve balance and diversity. Our own analysis of global markets is used as a basis to determine how your money is best allocated across the international markets to achieve your investment objectives. We then select funds with excellent track records run by the most respected and consistently performing fund managers in particular regions or industries. This allows us to ensure broad diversification of your money to reduce risk, whilst maximising growth potential through expert management in each area of the world and in the industry sectors where the funds are invested.

The Multi Manager Mandate also provides the option of including individual bonds as part of your portfolio. Should you choose this option, which is designed to add a higher degree of stability to your investment, ABN AMRO’s views on yields and credit ratings will shape the selection of the bonds used.

The Multi Manager Mandate is available to clients with a minimum of £250,000 (or currency equivalent) to invest.

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