Classic Mandate

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Follows a traditional and well-proven investment process

The Classic Mandate follows a traditional and well-proven investment process and is suitable for investors seeking an active approach to the management of their portfolio.

How your money is invested

The focus of the portfolio created for you will be on individual equities and bonds supplemented with specialist investment funds. The equity component will focus on companies that are selected only after a detailed analysis including the quality of the company, positive patterns in the share price, the opinions of respected analysts and the current valuation.

Fixed income investments will feature a range of maturities in government and corporate bonds as well as specialist funds that hold a range of bond issues which would not normally be held directly. These could include high yield bonds or bonds issued in emerging markets.

Your portfolio will also be set up to take advantage of market opportunities. This will be achieved by investing in selected alternative investments from time to time to give exposure to property markets, specialist bonds, hedge funds and commodities. Risk is controlled by achieving a broad spread of investments among international markets.

The Classic Mandate is available to clients with a minimum of £500,000 (or currency equivalent) to invest.

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